Sun City, AZ Recreation Centers
Recreation Centers of
Sun City, AZ
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Social Media
Facebook: You've heard about it. Facebook
Twitter: Ditto. Twitter
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Arizona Department of Revenue Income tax forms
Arizona Dept. of Transportation,
Motor Vehicle Division
Online Motor Vehicle Services
Maricopa County, AZ Maricopa County
Maricopa County Library Search, reserve and download books, music and movies.
Internal Revenue Service
Forms and publications
Official Time in all time zones Exactly what time is it?
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Web Help
Data Doctors Data Doctors Logo
Kim Komando Kim Komando Logo
Ask Mr. Modem Mr. Modem Logo
AARP Technology AARP Logo
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Khan Academy is a non-profit educational organization created in 2006 by educator Salman "Sal" Khan with the aim of providing a "free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere". Khan Academy
High quality courses from the top universities, for free to everyone. Coursera
Free (with ads) online typing tutor for all skill levels. Log in, and will track your speed and accuracy. The numerous lessons are organized by difficulty and specialty.
Lumosity: Improve your brain performance by playing brain games.
Lumosity exercises are designed by neuroscientists to improve core cognitive function. Measure and track your improvements.
Lumosity - As of 2020, the word is this app has no benefit other than perhaps fun.
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Free documentaries - Biography, conspiracy, crime, history, lifestyle, nature, politics, religion, science, society, technology and war.
Listen to over 15,000+ radio shows and podcasts on your iPhone, iPad, Android or PC -anytime. Stitcher
Free MP3 search, download music, listen to songs.
View HBO shows on your favorite device for subscribers of HBO.  HBO GO
Crackle is full length, full force entertainment free and on demand. Movies, action, sci-fi, horror, crime and comedy and TV.
Our content is always delivered uncut and unedited, the way it was meant to be viewed. And it’s always free, whether online, on mobile devices, or on connected televisions. Crackle does have commercials.
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Computer Clubs in Other Sun Cities Locations
Sun City Grand (AZ)
The Grand Computers
Sun City West (AZ)
Computers West
Sun City Anthem Computer Club (NV)
Sun City Summerlin Computer Club (NV)
Sun City Hilton Head Computer Club (SC)
Sun City Texas Computer Club (TX)
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Computing for Those with Special Needs Resource guides for dealing with disability
A Guide to Computers for Seniors: This guide will give you the information you need to purchase a compute and then walk you through everything you need to know to get started, from how to use a mouse to how to set up an email account.

Your Free Guide to Computers
Playlist: Download music, create your own playlist and listen to streaming music anytime from any computer. Hundreds of artists and songs to choose from. Your music on Playlist
Pixlr: Pixlr Editor is a FREE photo editor. It has a full version for professional editing and an express version for quick editing. If you can do it on Photoshop you can probably do it on Pixlr. Click on help in the toolbar and it will take you to YouTube to see a how to video. This is an online editor - do not click on the misleading "download" button. Pixlr Editor
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