Next Board Meeting:
 Thursday, October 4
Room A, 9 a.m.

General Membership Meeting:
Friday, November 16,  2018
Fairway Rec Center

Computer Club Hours:

September - April:
Monday - Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Saturday: 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon

May, June, July, and August:
Monday - Saturday: 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon

For holiday hours, check Club Calendar.
General Membership Meetings
The minutes of the latest General Membership Meetings can be viewed by clicking on the following link:

November 17, 2017
November 18, 2016
October 4, 2016
November 20, 2015
September 16, 2015
Monitor Training SIG
Room A, 11 A.M.
Thursday, October 11
Thursday, September 13
Procedure for Joining the Club
Valid RCSC cardholders can join the computer club in the club rooms at Fairway Recreation Center, second floor. This can be done from 9 to 10:30 a.m. on the dates shown below. At this time, a personalized club orientation is provided. Sufficient time should be allowed for this process.

Those joining the club must present their current RCSC card and pay annual club dues of $15. New members are encouraged to review the Classes webpage (particularly the section titled "Progression for Computer Classes"), along with the SIGs and Workshops webpages to explore their interests. USB flash drives are necessary for all classes. A USB flash drive can be purchased. All fees can be paid by cash (correct change, please) or by one check (U.S. only) payable to CCSC.

Please pass on this information to your friends and neighbors who are interested in joining the Computer Club of Sun City.
Join Us New Member Sign-up
Cartoon of a Computer Club
Held in the Computer Club from 9:00 to 10:30 a.m.

2nd floor, Fairway Recreation Center

Wednesday, September 5
Friday, September 7
Wednesday, September 12
Friday, September 14
Wednesday, September 19
Friday, September 21
Wednesday, September 26
Friday, September 28

Wednesday, October 3
Friday, October 5
Wednesday, October 10
Friday, October 12
Wednesday, October 17
Friday, October 19
Wednesday, October 24
Friday, October 26
Wednesday, October 31
Financial Reports
The Computer Club Financial Reports can be viewed by clicking on the following links: August 31, 2018 Balance Sheet
August 31, 2018 Profit Loss Statement
July 24, 2018 Balance Sheet
July 24, 2018 Profit Loss Statement
June 30, 2018 Balance Sheet
June 30, 2018 Profit Loss Statement
General Information from the Board
Cartoon of a Board Meeting

Members are encouraged to attend the Round Table Discussions taking place on the first Friday of each month.
This group is led by Dick Faust, who is very knowledgeable about many facets of computers.
Bring your problems and questions to the Round Table Discussion group. You can always learn something here.

(2) Not receiving email messages from the Computer Club of Sun City?
It may be because we don't have your correct email address, perhaps your mailbox is full, or our messages are blocked.
When a message is returned to us as undeliverable, that person's email address is removed from our address list.
If your mailbox is full, you need to go to your inbox to delete unimportant messages.
Add the Computer Club of Sun City at ccsc@firstsuncity.com to your address book so the computer club mail is not blocked as spam.
Did you get a new email address? Please let us know so that you will receive important information from your club.
Send your new address to us at  membership@firstsuncity.com.

(3) The calendar changes and classes are added, changed, or canceled throughout the month.
Be sure to check the latest information on the web pages.
Refer to the Calendar, Classes, News, and SIGs pages.
 Thursday, October 4, Room A, 9 a.m.
Minutes of the Board
The minutes of past Board Meetings can be viewed by clicking on the following links: September 6, 2018
June 7, 2018
April 5, 2018
February 1, 2018
January 4, 2018
December 7, 2017
Equipment Trouble Sheet
If you have problems with any computer or other equipment in the Computer Club of Sun City club rooms, report the problem to an instructor or Board member, who will obtain an Equipment Trouble Sheet from the monitor or in the instructors' office, The instructor or Board member will complete the form, and submit it as indicated.

For a printable form, click here.
Class Aides Needed
Barbara Johnson
Barbara Johnson - Aides Coordinator
Class Aides Needed

In the Fairway Recreation Center, classes are being held in two classrooms.
Barbara Johnson has volunteered to be the Aides Coordinator for our club. This involves obtaining aides and computer operators for classes as requested by the class instructors.

Any Computer Club of Sun City member can volunteer to be an aide by contacting Barbara Johnson by e-mail at: computerclubofsuncity@gmail.com

Benefits for being an aide:

Skill refreshment by helping others (you do not need to be an expert in Windows).

Free class for members serving 16 hours as an aide or as a computer operator.
Class Registration Procedure
Click here for Class Registration Procedure
Computer Club's Email Addresses
The email addresses for our members to contact us are as follows:

Computer Club of Sun City: ccsc@firstsuncity.com
Membership Chairperson: membership@firstsuncity.com
Publicity Chairperson: publicrelations@firstsuncity.com
Address Change
Do You have a New Email Address or Change of Address?

Please keep your email address up to date so we can notify you of meetings, events and presentations at the club.

Address Change Notice - We have three ways to do this -

1. You may fill out a blue Change Notice Form at the club and turn it in to the monitor.
2. You may email the Membership Chairperson at membership@firstsuncity.com with your new address or email changes. 
3. You may print the Change of Address Form and bring or mail it in to the club.

Click here to access a printable copy of this Change Notice Form.
Adobe Reader
Adobe Reader LogoTo obtain the printable calendar or forms via the Internet, you need the Adobe Reader program installed on your computer.

This free program can be downloaded onto your computer using the Internet.
Check our Downloads page to download this program; or to avoid downloading problems, you can obtain the Adobe Reader program on a CD for a 50-cent donation.

See the monitor at the club in Fairway Recreation Center for your copy.